When faced with two choices, always pursue the better story.

~ Darren Cornwell

Experienced UX leader, blending strategic thinking with creative storytelling to infuse energy into every outcome.

Grounded in empathy, fueled by curiosity, and guided by a belief that simplicity triumphs over complexity.

Currently leading experience design @ GoDaddy.

Over the past 15+ years, I've led design teams to create digital experiences that surprise and delight users whilst firmly focusing on moving key business metrics. Whether it's reconceiving an existing product or forging into new territory, I'm passionate about uncovering insights that lead to the improbable - human-centered design solutions that make people smile.

The products and brands I've helped shape have been widely lauded, earned billions in revenue, and changed lives around the world. But my proudest accomplishments are the teams I've mentored and the design culture I've nurtured along the way.

Looking ahead, I'm eager to join a visionary company where I can continue doing what I love - leading with heart, challenging the status quo, and crafting digital experiences that bring people together. The future is unwritten, and I can't wait to help write it.