"Customer first."

"The customer comes first" rings hollow when boards and investors prioritize short-term metrics over long-term customer experience.

As a leader, I take a different approach - empowering teams to tune out the noise and re-center what matters most: rigorous research, human-centric solutions, and products that create lasting emotional connections.

The results speak for themselves: disruptive innovations, redefined industries, and growth fueled by deep customer loyalty. We measure success by lives touched, not quarterly earnings.

People over metrics. It's time to put the customer back in the driver's seat.

Meaningful transformation through human-centered design.

Throughout my career, I've been driven by a passion for using design to create meaningful change. My approach puts people at the heart of the process - understanding their needs, wants, and pain points through research and deep listening.

I've been fortunate to work with some of the world's top brands, leading teams to reimagine products, services, and experiences that deliver value to customers and drive growth. But beyond shipping great products, I aim to build design capabilities that outlast any one launch. I mentor teams, establish practices, and transform design culture.

The problems I tackle now are far more complex than when I started. But the fundamentals remain - empathy, collaboration, iteration. I ask "why" a lot to unearth insights and illuminate new paths forward. While I'm proud of past accomplishments, I'm focused on what's next - joining a visionary company where I can shape the future through human-centered design leadership.

The opportunity to solve meaningful challenges at scale, build high-performing teams, and create lasting impact is what gets me excited. If this resonates with you, let's talk. I'm eager to make a difference.

Connecting people through design narratives.

I discovered my passion for design early on - that magical moment when a user immediately understands and delights in your creation. Since then, I've been hooked on crafting experiences that forge powerful connections through visual storytelling.

Over the years across film, television, digital products, and education, I've honed my ability to uncover and communicate meaningful narratives. With empathy as my guide, mapping, prototypes and refinement until we've shaped experiences that resonate on a deep human level.

Seeing people light up when a product "just clicks" or watching a team celebrate an emotional launch makes all the hard work worthwhile. For me, design is about crafting stories that speak to who we are and reveal new possibilities.

There's always more to learn and invent. As a design leader, I'm eager to build a culture of design storytellers - people who find the soul in every product and bring it to life for our users. There are so many stories left to tell.

About me the human.

"I'm a storyteller at heart, everything has an inception, the mid point and ultimate resolution. If you can tell it, people can understand it."

This lil' London lad has done some livin'! My life started out in the big city across the pond, but I was hungry to see the world.

So I packed my bags and set sail on an adventure - globe-trotting from the lively streets of London to the laid-back beaches of Brasil. Even spent some time soakin' up the sun in the Caymans before finally dropping anchor in Austin, TX.

Along the way, I've bounced between big cities, sleepy suburbs, and everywhere in between. But my curious spirit could never sit still for long. I was always searching for that next thrill - chasing the horizon to discover new sights and sounds.

Now I call Austin home, but who knows where I'll roam next! One thing's for sure, my passport's full of stamps and stories from a life lived to the fullest. The world's my oyster and I'm just getting started. Care to join me for the ride?
I'm a storyteller at heart, everything has an inception, the mid point and ultimate resolution. If you can tell it, people can understand it.

Hold up, you're just a modern day bard?

Rev up those engines, it's time for an adventure! When this trailblazer isn't cooking up new ideas, you can find me getting my hands dirty with anything motorized. Cars, bikes, boats, carts - if it has an engine, I'll tinker with it for hours and with a healthy disrespect for my own personal safety go and enjoy it in way our ancestors could never have dreamed of.

But I don't just fix things - I dream big! My dart hits the map, and suddenly I'm cruising the open road on a cross-country bike trek. Or maybe I'll be hunting down a location for that long awaited log cabin build, channeling my inner lumberjack up in the mountains. The wind in my metophorical hair (if I had any) and the roar of engines - that's how I recharge.

And if the roads and runways ever start to feel tame, I'll hop in the cockpit and take to the skies! I'm a restless spirit, always itching for the next adventure, and like my mantra on taking the best story I'd not have it any other way.

So come on, let's tear up some tarmac or build something from the ground up. The world is our playground if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty! The grey matter needs feeding - time to sieze the day.