Howdy adventurer. I'm Darren. I like to think big, like 30,000ft big.


"The customer comes first, put the cutomer in the driving seat, be the arbiter of the customer experience" - this is what hear, but it's rarely what we see in practice. 

Today's reality is that most product teams are beholden to stakeholders, to the board, to their investors - AAR & GCR tend to take the lead in most conversations - a short term focus on revenue that often leads to a lack of focus on long term success. Customers are relegated to digits on a dashboard.

 The above is not what I do, nor champion.


Born and raised in a little city called London - that's where life begun. Between then and now I've moved about the globe looking for somewhere to drop anchor. From the city, to the countryside, to the suburbs. The UK to Brasil, a stint in the Cayman Islands and more time than I can remember in the USA - Austin is now home.

I'm a storyteller at heart, everything has an inception, the mid point and ultimate resolution. If you can tell it, people can understand it.


When I'm not working on the next greatest thing to spring from the grey matter, you can find me tweaking anything with an engine, throwing darts at maps and aimlessly cruising around on my bike or of course planning my next cabin build somewhere up in the mountains.

I can fly a plane too.


I've been a designer in some capcity for most of my life, from those early initial forays into the joy of connecting people to the message, witnessnessing a smile when a user 'get's it' out of the gate, to those moments filled with emotions that creeps in when a task is successfully completed.

I've worked in film, television, design and education... there's always something else to learn, something else to invent.

We're all storytellers whether we know it or not. If you're after my experience you can grab my resume and peruse at your leisure.